Hello, my name is Michael. I am a Tech-Allrounder from Austria and the brain behind Maker Technologies.

Apart from my work at Maker Technologies I work as a humanoid robotics software engineer at Humanizing Technologies. In addition to that I work as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten as well as a trainer for adult education at the BFI vienna.

Through my education and work experience I am combining three big disciplines. Technology, Healthcare and Business Administration. My main focus lies on creating solutions that will change our future to the better. I am also always working to pass on my knowledge and prepare future generations for the world that lies after education.

To learn more about me and my experiences make sure to check my LinkedIn profile or get in touch!

My Education

Master Digital Healthcare
Master Interactive Technologies
Bachelor Smart Engineering

My current affiliations

Humanoid Robotics Software Engineer
UAS Lecturer
Trainer for Adult Education

The Courses I Currently Teach

Server-Side Coding
Introduction to Web Technologies
Web Frameworks
Web Development

Me in one picture